The Turing Pi 2 and Compute Modules draw power from the ATX 24 Pin socket. The Pico PSU or ATX PSU connector is designed to fit in one orientation only. Please ensure it is fully inserted and the latch on the side is engaged for a secure connection.


Pico PSU 24 pin ATX adapter also requires 12V external power supply with 2.5-5.5mm connector

Powering ON

Power up the 24-Pin socket by connecting a power source or turning on the ATX PSU switch. The BMC will start on its own, which usually takes 10 to 20 seconds. You can watch this process on the serial console if you wish.

After the BMC starts, you can turn on Modules 1 to 4. You do this using the Front I/O pins or the Key1 button. Hold down 'Key1' for approximately one second. You'll notice red LEDs lighting up adjacent to the Module slots, indicating that they're receiving power. By default, the modules follow a staggered power-on sequence, activating sequentially one after the other.