Intro & Specs

BMC, or Baseboard Management Controller, is a specialized microcontroller that is built into the motherboard of a computer or server. It monitors the system's hardware and provides remote management capabilities, such as power control or temperature monitoring.

The Turing Pi 2 board is equipped with an Allwinner T113-S3, which provides BMC functionality. This is essentially a mini-computer built into the motherboard. It has features you would expect from a PC, such as a dual-core processor, RAM, and a hard drive, albeit in limited capacity. The best part is that it runs on Linux OS, yes, really!

ControllerAllwinner T113-S3
ProcessorARM Cortex-A7 Dual-Core
Memory128MB DDR3
Storage1GB NAND Flash Memory (MX35LF1GE4AB)
Additional StorageSD Card slot


The BMC Firmware is an open-source project. We continually work to enhance our BMC project, providing a solid foundation for optimal management and control of your system's hardware. With our open-source approach, anyone can access and modify the source code to accommodate their specific needs. We believe that this level of transparency and collaboration fosters a stronger and more robust BMC firmware, beneficial for all users.


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