The tpi is a tool designed to facilitate interaction with your Turing Pi 2 board. It comes bundled with the BMC firmware and can also be installed on your Windows/macOS/Linux PC.

The tool can be used from within the BMC (for example, via SSH):

$ ssh [email protected]
# tpi power on --node 1
# tpi usb --mode host --node 1

Or directly from your personal computer. In this case, tpi will try to connect to the board at the address of turingpi.local, which is the default host name through which the Turing Pi 2 is accessible on the local network. If you need to change the address, use the --host option:

$ tpi power on                          # will try to connect to `turingpi.local`
$ tpi --host mycluster2.local power on  # custom hostname
$ tpi --host power on      # explicit IP address

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