Intro & Specs


This series of articles will guide you through the process of preparing the Nvidia Jetson modules to work on the Turing Pi 2 board. These instructions are based on the Nvidia documentation for the modules. The whole installation process might not be quick but should be pretty straightforward. In the future, we hope to make it much easier. The article series will be updated with the Nvidia Jetson Nano (the original one) soon.


AI Performance472 GFLOPS
GPU128-core NVIDIA Maxwell™ architecture GPU
GPU Max Frequency921MHz
CPUQuad-Core Arm® Cortex®-A57 MPCore processor
CPU Max Frequency1.43GHz
Memory4GB 64-bit LPDDR4 25.6GB/s
Storage16GB eMMC 5.1
Video Encode1x 4K30 (H.265) 2x 1080p60 (H.265)
Video Decode1x 4K60 (H.265) 2x 4K30 (H.265) 4x 1080p60 (H.265) 8x 1080p30 (H.265)