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Locked out of root

I've managed to lock myself out of root on my BMC, and can't authenticate via tpi either as a consequence. Is there a way to hard-reset the BMC back to factory so the original user/pass combo will work again?

All 4 nodes intermittently unreachable

Daemon version: 2.0.5 Build time: 2023-11-28 14:01:07-00:00 Build version: 2023.08 Buildroot release: Buildroot 2023.08 API version: 1.1 BMC UI: v1.0.3 4 x CM4 At seemingly random intervels all 4 nodes become unreachable and the case fans stop spinning. All staus lights on the CM modules are off. The BMC itself is fine and stays powered. both the Web UI and the API report that the nodes are powered ``` # curl --insecure "" {"response":[{"result":[{"node1":"1","node2":"1","node3":"1","node4":"1"}]}]} ``` There is nothing noteworthy in dmeg that I can spot, or in /var/log/messages How do I diagnose / troubleshoot htis issue?

Rockchip 3588 Upstream Status

Hello, I'm interested to hear what the state of the Rockchip 3588 is in regarding upstream support in the Linux kernel. After reading a few comments on issues in the Ubuntu repo from Joshua; I'm convinced we need to do more to get the chip supported in the upstream kernel. As Joshua mentioned (<https://github.com/Joshua-Riek/ubuntu-rockchip/issues/613#issuecomment-1938761532>) The Ubuntu image is using a hacked together kernel that is based on Android, not upstream Linux. I think everyone would agree with me that getting upstream support from the Kernel would be to the benefit of everyone. Instead of Joshua having to carry the weight of the project all on his shoulders; We can work together to get us to a point where Ubuntu could ship a generic kernel that would be able to boot the RK1 with no additional hacks. This would also pave the way for other distributions to be supported on the chip. I'm pretty familiar when it comes to running custom Linux setups, I use Gentoo as a daily driver so I'm not unfamiliar with getting in the nitty gritty when it comes to Linux. The one thing I'm really looking for from the Turing Pi devs is a simple guide as far as what we need to do to compile our own versions of u-boot and how we can produce our own images to boot the modules so that work can be done outside of what Joshua just by himself can do.

SSH to node after flashing

There is nowhere in the documentation that actually explains how to ssh to a node after it has been flashed via the BMC UI. How do I connect to the node once it is flashed with an Ubuntu image?

Are you going to pay me intest for the money you have of mine for the year late i will be getting my cluster board?

Ordered july 30 2023. $609.00.

Mini-PCIe card not recognized by Orin Nano

My Orin Nano does not recognize a Mini-PCIe card, independent from wether it is in slot 1 or 2. I bought the second one recommended on the following page: <https://docs.turingpi.com/docs/nvidia-jetson-orin-nxnano-peripherals> I did not want to unsolder the screw for the Inline one. The card is connected to the PicoPSU as required. Neither is the card listet using lspci nor do I spot a hint in dmesg. Did anyone have a similar experience? Anything else to check or should I just buy another card?

I have accidentally damaged my Turing Pi 2 and probably an RK1 :-(

A jumper came lose while constructing a custom cable for the case fan. The jumper shorted the 12v fan power to ground or some other component. A component next to the the fan connector sparked an blew. See the attached photo. Magnify to the base of the fan connector. I have four RK1 modules. All four were plugged in and powered at the time of the accident. A simple power on/off test of the nodes revealed that all of the RK1's seemed to power on/off fine. However RK1 number 4's heatsink fan does not come on. It did before the accident. Swapping the slots of RK1 number 3 and RK1 number 4 reveals that the problem moves with RK1 number 4, not the slot. This is heartbreaking. I have waited for the TPi 2 and RK1s for a while. I will purchase another TPi2 and RK1 module if needed. Are there any other tests that I should try to check RK1 numbers 1, 2, and 3? Is there something I should try to get the RK1 number 4's fan to operate? Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. ![](https://files.readme.io/9938006-image.png)

How to change boot order?

What is the best way to charge the boot order? I am booting off NVMe but need to reflash the OS. I found out when you flash via tpi that it reflashes the eMMC but need to boot back into eMMC to update the NVMe. I assumed I could update /boot but it seems binary file to me.

Pinout of F_USB3_1 _NODE4 header?

I am putting the Turing Pi in an InWin B1 case. The pinout of the InWin USB 3.0 cable is shown here. Is this the same pinout as the Turing Pi "2x USB 3.0" header (labelled F_USB3_1 \_NODE4 on the motherboard)? ![](https://files.readme.io/374839e-image.png) ![](https://files.readme.io/0f06498-image.png)

I would like to update my order to receive the Turing Pi v2.5

Hello, I noticed there is a release date for the Turing Pi v2.5 (April-May 2024) My initial order was June 2, 2022 and was later updated to what I assume would be the official order on November 5, 2023. My order is in a processing state and I would like to know if it is possible, having been patiently waiting, if my order could be updated for the Turing Pi 2.5? How can we make this happen?