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Rockchip 3588 Upstream Status


I'm interested to hear what the state of the Rockchip 3588 is in regarding upstream support in the Linux kernel.

After reading a few comments on issues in the Ubuntu repo from Joshua; I'm convinced we need to do more to get the chip supported in the upstream kernel.

As Joshua mentioned (https://github.com/Joshua-Riek/ubuntu-rockchip/issues/613#issuecomment-1938761532) The Ubuntu image is using a hacked together kernel that is based on Android, not upstream Linux.

I think everyone would agree with me that getting upstream support from the Kernel would be to the benefit of everyone. Instead of Joshua having to carry the weight of the project all on his shoulders; We can work together to get us to a point where Ubuntu could ship a generic kernel that would be able to boot the RK1 with no additional hacks. This would also pave the way for other distributions to be supported on the chip.

I'm pretty familiar when it comes to running custom Linux setups, I use Gentoo as a daily driver so I'm not unfamiliar with getting in the nitty gritty when it comes to Linux. The one thing I'm really looking for from the Turing Pi devs is a simple guide as far as what we need to do to compile our own versions of u-boot and how we can produce our own images to boot the modules so that work can be done outside of what Joshua just by himself can do.