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I have accidentally damaged my Turing Pi 2 and probably an RK1 :-(

A jumper came lose while constructing a custom cable for the case fan. The jumper shorted the 12v fan power to ground or some other component. A component next to the the fan connector sparked an blew. See the attached photo. Magnify to the base of the fan connector.

I have four RK1 modules. All four were plugged in and powered at the time of the accident.

A simple power on/off test of the nodes revealed that all of the RK1's seemed to power on/off fine. However RK1 number 4's heatsink fan does not come on. It did before the accident. Swapping the slots of RK1 number 3 and RK1 number 4 reveals that the problem moves with RK1 number 4, not the slot.

This is heartbreaking. I have waited for the TPi 2 and RK1s for a while. I will purchase another TPi2 and RK1 module if needed.

Are there any other tests that I should try to check RK1 numbers 1, 2, and 3?
Is there something I should try to get the RK1 number 4's fan to operate?

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.