RK1 emmc move install


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RK1 emmc move install

Hello Together,

I've remotely installed my RK1 via the BMC. Before that, I installed a NVMe on the back. I hoped because of the boot order as mentioned the NVMe would be used to install (sure no drivers and so but the dies at least).
On other Systems (CM4 with DietPi) I could set the OS into RO and then move the installation to the new drive.
That method didn't work here.
Sadly, I couldn't use the USB because this is used on another node.

Is there a way to move the installation?

Or could I move an img to the RK1 and then use the dd, like mentioned in the USB-flashing how-to?

Or did anybody have a better solution for this? Sure, I could also only move the user-files to the NVMe, but I would like to have anything on one drive, also to make it easier for something like swapping or anything else.