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BMC 2.0

Curious when the BMC 2.0 update will go public - announced a few weeks ago but no updates since - hoping the upgrade path/procedures will be better than the wonky process required for V1.1.0 (which I still haven't been able to successfully install) - Ideal for me would be a SD Card process where image provided by the firm (no docker builds) can be automatically flashed (or at worst applied via TPI Serial/web pages) - the OTA, Phoenix, VirtualBox, ADB process in a word is terrible and for the most part does not work - documentation of the process leaves many steps out and is not clear - not to mention the grammar, spelling and backward/forward references - perhaps it's just me but I expect better for a commercial product. Don't get me wrong - I see the potential and I want to work through the issues and make this the product that was advertised at the start but becoming dejected at how hard this is and the roadblocks I keep encountering - maybe it's just me but I am a 30+ year IT professional with EE background/training.