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Flashing CM4 with eMMC

I followed the instructions for flashing a CM4 with eMMC onboard. The flashing parts seemed to go as described but when I did the "tpi -m -n 2" command it comes back and says "booting node 1 into msd mode. please wait a moment.." The CM4 module that has the onboard eMMC is in the node 2 slot. Not sure if the bug is in reading the command line or what is printed out.

Once I do the tpi command to boot node 2 into msd mode, I cannot mount the disk. Also, when I reboot the CM4 module in slot 2 it does not show up on the network. I was trying to isntall hypriot so it should have at least booted and gotten an IP address from DHCP.

Looking for any advice. BTW... I also updated to the latest firmware on the TP2 board.

It does not appear that anything was done to the CM4 in slot 1. That CM4 does not have onboard eMMC and is a K3S master and never goes down through the process. I put the CM4 with eMMC in just experiment with the idea of remote imaging so it is not breaking anything, I would just like to figure it out.