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Node 2 mini PCIe not recognizing SATA SSD connected through a mini PCIe SATA adaptor

I'm having trouble getting my CM4 Module in the node 2 slot to recognize the mini PCIe connection. I have 4 Raspberry Pi CM4 modules on turingpi carrier boards running DietPi in my turingpi 2 board. All four modules boot. I've been able to get docker swarm and portainer working. I want to add a glusterfs cluster, using nodes 1,2&3 to my Swarm for presistant storage. I have two SATA drives connected to the board SATA ports attached to Node 3 both of which are recognized. I'm using the recipe in the Swarm tab in the Docs but can't get node 2 to recognize its drive. I'm using two mini PCIe SATA adaptors. Both adaptors work in the Node 1 mini PCI slot but nieither is recognized in the node 2 slot. I've checked to be sure that all my drives and cables work by connecting them to node 1. I've double checked seating on all the boards. I believe I have enough power with a 430 Watt ATX power Supply. All 4 Sata Drives are recognized when I have two connected to node 1 and two connected to node 3. Only thing I didn't try is swaping CM4's between nodes, which I didn't really want to do because of node naming and IP addresses. I've tired the DietPi-drive_manager program in Node 2 the SSD does not show up, while when run on nodes 1 or 3 all attached dirves do showup. fdisk -l recognizes the drives attached to nodes 1 and 3 but not 2. Is there anything else I'm missing? Is there a BMC or other OS setting I need to change for node 2 to recognize the mini pcie slot?