Turing Pi V1

Community projects

A collections of various projects and script for the Turing Pi cluster built by an awesome community
A WiFi Controller for the Turing Pi V1 cluster board connected via the onboard I2C bus. With this contoller you are able to switch the power on or off of each individual Turing Pi slot. It provides a Web, REST and telnet interface.
A simple, lightweight layer that brings modern orchestration benefits to containerized and non-containerized, and batch applications and that can be integrated with any existing infrastructure.
A simple TuringPi V1 slot administration tool using i2c bus.
A set of sample dags for testing on the Turing Pi cluster.
Automating the Turing Pi cluster setup.
Turn on and off all nodes with a command or power button and have a power LED.
Ansible playbooks for maintaining NGINX running on Turing Pi
Last modified 2yr ago